Allie Kessel

Allie Kessel

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

What it’s like to be in therapy with me

My goal is to create a space that is supportive, safe and secure, and to approach each client with warmth. I hope that we can develop a relationship that allows us to tackle the things you find difficult, while allowing you to feel heard, seen and validated. I believe one of the most vital aspects of effective therapy is the relationship between therapist and client, and because of that, I make it a point to build strong rapport with those I see. I genuinely enjoy being a therapist and helping my clients overcome their obstacles.

How I approach therapy

While much of my clinical experience has been working with adolescents and young adults, I also have ample experience working with adults in middle and late adulthood. Theoretically, I work from a psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral background, although the approach and interventions I utilize with my clients are unique to the individual person with whom I am working. I am passionate about acknowledging and incorporating multicultural identity in treatment as well as creating a safe, warm and supportive environment to work in.

Educational and Background and Other Things That Could Be Considered Noteworthy

  • B.A. in Journalism from the University of Maryland
  • Master’s in Social Work from the University of Southern California

Clinical Training and Experience

At the start of my career as a therapist, I worked with children, teens and families and was trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, grief and loss treatment, and trauma-informed care. I then spent time working with transitional aged youth where I interacted with family members, school staff members and any and all support systems in the youth’s life. In my years practicing, I have also worked in Intensive Outpatient settings and residential settings, conducting both individual therapy and group therapy. I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to work with many different populations and across several different settings.

A bit more about me

I’m passionate about my work and genuinely enjoy what I do, which I believe allows me to approach each client with care. I believe the love and passion for this work stems from my own experiences with mental health concerns and experiences in treatment. Expressing myself did not come easily or naturally, and therefore, I learned early on the power of listening and observation. As I grew older and gained the skills necessary to validate myself and communicate with others, I had a desire to normalize this process and help others find their voice. When I need to recharge and reset, I often turn to self-care in the form of yoga, hiking, friends, movies, and books. I hope to help others find what helps them most, and treat themselves with kindness, compassion and self love!

My specialties