Michela Tripp

Michela Tripp

Michela Tripp (she/her/hers)

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

What it’s like to be in therapy with me

Our work together will be collaborative and filled with empathy, curiosity, compassion, and creativity. I also infuse warmth and humor to make this process of discovery more approachable and human. I believe that in making the decision to come to therapy, you have already taken the first step towards healing and/or growth. I would be honored to join and witness you on this journey.

How I approach therapy

Utilizing a holistic and strengths based approach, I believe in exploration of mind, body, and spirit. Together, we will gain a more nuanced understanding of who you are, and new tools for nurturing your whole self. Each session will be tailored to you and will be an opportunity to feel seen and heard without judgment. It will also be a place to develop insight and tools to help you feel more equipped to cope with life stressors, while also experiencing more joy and connectedness.

Educational and Background and Other Things That Could Be Considered Noteworthy

  • B.A. in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz
  • Master of Social Work from New York University, graduated highest honors

Clinical Training and Experience

My introduction to providing therapy was at a residential facility for individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia. It was there where my passion for providing support and reducing stigma surrounding mental health was really strengthened. Soon after, I volunteered at the National Suicide Prevention hotline as a crisis line counselor for two years. This was an intense and transformative experience, which I believe instilled a necessary skillset that I still draw upon to this day.

I went on to pursue my masters in social work in New York, where I received training in diverse settings. First, at a clinic in the Bronx, providing individual and group therapy to clients with dual diagnoses, and then at Weill Cornell’s Adult Partial Hospitalization Program, providing intensive treatment for patients and working within a multi-disciplinary team. Both experiences were formative in the development of my confidence and my overall approach as a therapist.

Additionally, I spent three years working as a therapist in a non-profit mental health setting, where I counseled adults, transitional-aged youth, and families. There, I frequently faced crisis situations, which only further bolstered my ability to be adaptive and feel equipped to handle uncertainty. I was also afforded the opportunity to engage in more long-term work with clients and found these relationships to be incredibly rewarding and impactful.

Each of these experiences has been a reminder of the resiliency we hold as humans. I feel grateful to have witnessed this, and look forward to continuing to be a part of people’s journeys.

A bit more about me

As a therapist, I believe that it is my responsibility to not only support my clients, but also to be self-supportive. Too often, I have observed caretakers gravitate towards neglecting our own needs in the pursuit of providing support to others. Burnout has become rampant in our society, and I have a passion for preventing this. Personally, I prevent burnout by nurturing all parts of myself. Whether it is through cooking a healthy meal, being in nature, or listening to a podcast, these are all practices that are integral in allowing me to feel whole. My mission as a therapist is to ensure that this sense of wholeness also extends to my clients.

My specialties

  • Clients with Diverse Cultural Backgrounds
  • Stress
  • Perfectionism
  • Sexual and Romantic Issues
  • Life Changes
  • Self-Actualization