Where are your counseling offices in Los Angeles located?

Our office is in Los Feliz/Atwater Village in NELA, on Los Feliz Blvd across the street from The Village Bakery. The address is 3110 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039. Come visit!

How much do your counseling services in Los Angeles cost?

The fee to meet with one of the therapists on our team for individual therapy is $260 per 50-minute session.

The fee to meet with one of the therapists on our team for couples counseling or family therapy is $300 per 50-minute session.

The fee to meet with Saba Harouni Lurie (founder of Take Root Therapy) for individual therapy is $325 per 50-minute session.

The fee to meet with Saba Harouni Lurie (founder of Take Root Therapy) for couples counseling is $350 per 50-minute session.

How long are sessions?

Our sessions are 50 minutes in length. If clients are interested in or would benefit from a longer session, we are also able to provide services in 75-minute or 100-minute increments. The cost of these sessions is prorated based on the cost of a 50-minute session.

Do you take insurance?

While we are not in-network with any insurance companies and are not on any insurance panels, many insurance plans provide out-of-network mental health coverage. For our clients that wish to use their insurance and have out-of-network coverage, we provide monthly statements that they can submit to their insurance companies for partial reimbursement.

If you are interested in using your insurance to cover a portion of the session fee, we recommend reaching out to your insurance company and asking them if they cover out-of-network mental health services, and if so, at what rate they reimburse. It is also helpful to know if you have a deductible that you have to meet before your insurance company will provide reimbursement. Additionally, if you have a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA), you may often use this to help pay for your mental health services.

How many psychotherapy sessions will I need?

We customize therapy to each individual client, and therefore can’t predict how many sessions it will take for each client to reach their goals. We have worked with some clients that come in with one specific issue they want to address, and when these clients are ready and able to complete homework assignments each week, they tend to move through therapy relatively quickly. In other cases, clients may have more complex challenges and/or busy lives, and setting aside even 50 minutes a week to come to therapy is a feat for them. For these clients, therapy may take a longer time. We will work with you at your pace, and our hope is to help you reach your goals and to reap the benefits of therapy as quickly as possible.

How often are counseling sessions?

In order to provide effective therapy, we ask our clients to attend sessions weekly at the start of therapy. Once they have made progress and have met their goals, we will reduce the frequency of sessions in preparation for wrapping up therapy, at which point, we will invite clients to return if they ever need additional support or a “tune-up.”

What makes Take Root Therapy different?

Our therapists and our commitment to providing effective and supportive therapy. Our founder, Saba, has seen a number of different therapists since childhood, and while she worked with some great therapists, she also saw some therapists that did more harm than good. When she founded Take Root Therapy, she wanted to make sure that every person who reached out to meet with a therapist would be in good hands, not only because of clinical experience and technical expertise, but also because of their compassion and thoughtful approach to therapy.

Are you LGBTQ + affirming?

Yes! All of our therapists are LGBTQ+ affirming. We are also affirming of different and alternative relationships, including polyamourous relationships.

Can I get a letter for an emotional support animal?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate requests for a letter for an emotional support animal unless we have been working with a client for a substantial period of time. This allows us to determine if an emotional support animal is appropriate for each client.

Do you take MediCal?

We are not in-network with any insurance companies, including MediCal. There are a number of non-profits that are contracted with the Department of Mental Health and accept Medi-Cal. More information can be found at the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health website.

Do you provide court-mandated therapy services?

We do not provide court-mandated therapy services; however, we are always glad to help identify appropriate resources and referrals for people seeking therapy. If you would like some support, please reach out!

Do you offer a sliding scale?

We do not currently provide our services using a sliding scale. If our fee is not doable for you, we would be glad to provide you with resources and referrals to you can find a therapist that might be a better fit financially.

Can I attend therapy sessions with my school-age child?

Yes, your therapist will work with you and your school-age child to determine how to best involve you in their treatment.

Do you offer group therapy?

We are currently working to offer groups to help folks manage a variety of challenges. We have found that groups can be incredibly effective and for many, are less cost-prohibitive. We invite you to reach out to us if you’re interested in joining one of our groups!

Do you offer phone or video sessions?

Yes! We offer phone sessions or video online counseling sessions. We have found that video sessions can be not just incredibly effective, but also convenient, especially for those with tight schedules, or who travel for work. For video sessions, we use an app that is both encrypted and HIPAA compliant for utmost confidentiality