Couples Counseling

Couples Therapy in Los Angeles

When there is conflict, confusion, stagnation, or hurt in your relationship, it can impact every area of your life. It is hard to focus on work, hard to be present with friends, and hard to really live your fullest and best life.

A relationship that is out of balance brings weight into every area of your life.

You’ve probably been through this before, in other relationships. And you’ve tried a lot of things: Ignoring the issue, arguing about it, waiting and hoping, and maybe even ending the relationship. But, if you’ve learned anything it is that relationships are hard, complicated, and that most people you know don’t really know how to do healthy relationships either.

couples counseling
couples counseling

Couples therapy can help you gain clarity into what is really happening and what you can do to fix it. You and your partner can learn the skills to keep arguments from taking over your life again and to make new patterns that really work in relationships. The best part? The patterns you learn won’t just help you in your romantic relationships, you’ll see them start to filter into the way you interact with family, friends, and coworkers- for the better!

At Take Root Therapy we take the time to get to the root of what is happening, get a clear image of where you REALLY want your relationship to be, and start taking the steps to make that vision a reality.

If you’re ready to recreate your relationship, please reach out. Call (323) 388-5578 or text (323) 388-5578 or email us at for your free 15-minute phone consultation to be connected with a couples’ therapist who meets you and your partners needs.

FAQs about Couples Therapy in Los Angeles, CA

What is it? What does it entail? Why do it?

Couples counseling, marriage therapy, relationship counseling, or couples therapy, is when a couple meets with a trained therapist to help them figure out what is getting in the way of having the relationship they want. At Take Root Therapy, most couples will meet with therapists for either 50-minute long sessions or 75-minute long sessions, depending on what they want to work on, and the type of support the couple would most benefit from. During the first session, we ask our couples what they are struggling with most, and what they are hoping will change in their relationship after therapy. We provide a supportive environment and want both individuals to feel safe communicating about their relationship frustrations and their hopes for the relationship.

What should I expect initially in Couples Counseling?

The first few weeks of couples counseling are spent helping our couples really hear and understand each other. We discuss what their current challenges are and help our couples understand how they approach their relationship. We know that no two relationships are the same, just as no two people are the same, and that it’s important to consider each individual’s history and experiences and what they each bring to the table. It is incredibly important that you, your partner, and your therapist have clarity about what is REALLY happening before they jump in to make changes.

What happens as Couples Counseling Progresses?

Once we have helped our couples develop a deeper understanding of one another, and to have more compassion for one another, we assist them in understanding the patterns that they have established in their relationship. Their therapist assists the couple in considering what is working for them and what they want to change, and provides tools and suggestions to help the couple make the changes they desire in their relationship. Our couples often report having more effective communication, feeling more connected, and being more thoughtful about how they engage with one another.

What kind of issues can you work through in Couples Counseling?

Relationships are complex, with each person bringing their unique histories and issues to the experience. We work with communication issues, rebuilding trust, infidelity, premarital counseling, preconception counseling, blended families, redefining relationships, and more.

If you’re ready to recreate your relationship, please reach out to one of our couples counselors. Email us at or call (323) 388-5578 or text (323) 388-5578.