Peer Relationships

Help with Peer Relationships for Teens in Los Angeles

Does your teen have difficulty forming or keeping friendships? Are they lonely and struggling to understand how to engage in social relationships, or do they sometimes respond differently than others might in social situations? Do you worry that your teenager is disconnected and that they need help connecting with others?

Unfortunately, social challenges in peer relationships are common for children and teens. Struggling with feeling awkward in social situations can be even more painful when they think that other kids have it easy, and children and teens can feel ashamed that they have to put more thought and intention into something that seems to come so naturally to others. The truth is that making and keeping friendships can be difficult for all of us, so it’s no wonder that teens may struggle when they’re having to navigate relationships online and at school.

peer relationships

In addition to dealing with challenges making or maintaining friends, teens may also find themselves dealing with bullying. We know that the impact of bullying can be deep and far reaching. Adolescents who experience bullying can develop both mental and physical problems, and it can be difficult for parents to know how to help their kids with bullying (or to even know for sure that their child is involved with bullying).

peer relationships

At Take Root Therapy, we strive to provide a completely non-judgmental and supportive environment in order to help your teenager make positive peer relationships and to respond to bullying. We work with clients to identify what positive characteristics they bring to peer relationships, as well as what characteristics they’d like to look for (and NOT look for) in potential friends.

With the guidance of a therapist, your teen can work through social challenges, and learn how to engage socially with more confidence and less self-judgment. We give our clients tools and strategies for overcoming social anxiety and for making positive connections with other people.

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