Lauren Feldman

Lauren Feldman (she/her/hers)

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

What it’s like to be in therapy with me

In my approach, I prioritize patience and curiosity, anchoring my work in creating a safe, non-judgmental space for clients. I believe in being compassionate and direct, providing practical tools to empower individuals. Creating a solid therapeutic relationship is vital and as such, we will work to build a collaborative environment that fosters a sense of trust, humor, and compassion. My goal is to provide a safe haven for my clients so that they may feel empowered to manage stressors, set healthy boundaries with others, and find value in their unique identities. It is an incredible honor to be given the opportunity to guide my clients through their life’s challenges and help put them on a path toward a life full of intention.

How I approach therapy

I’m a firm believer that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to therapy and in keeping with that belief,  my sessions are uniquely tailored to each individual. Each session is rooted in elements of client-centered, psychodynamic, and narrative therapeutic approaches, which are designed to aid my clients in not only uncovering more of who they are in the present but also who they are striving to become in the future. While I recognize the power of exploring one’s inner world, it is also essential to recognize how external forces can shape our attitudes, beliefs, and feelings. In my practice, I may integrate principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy to increase my client’s awareness of negative thinking patterns or unsupportive dynamics so that they may make the changes necessary to lead a more enriching and fulfilling life.

When working with couples, I incorporate principles from Gottman Method Couples Therapy to help couples improve communication, manage conflict, deepen friendships, and share their life purposes and dreams.

Supporting clients with OCD requires a specialized approach distinct from traditional talk therapy. It involves psychoeducation about the brain, obsessions, and compulsions, alongside a focus on cognitive restructuring to challenge unhelpful thoughts. Before delving into Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), I guide clients in acquiring mindfulness and relaxation techniques. My aim is to provide a comprehensive toolkit that allows individuals to navigate their OCD symptoms effectively.

It would be my pleasure to be a source of support through your journey.

Educational and Background and Other Things That Could Be Considered Noteworthy

  • B.A., emphasis in Psychology of the LGBTQ Community from University of Redlands (Johnston Center for Integrative Studies) 
  • M.A in Clinical Psychology, LBGT-Affirmative Psychology Specialization from Antioch University Los Angeles

Clinical Training and Experience

My interest in supporting others began before I entered graduate school. My first experience was volunteering with the California State University Northridge Helpline, where I provided crisis telephone services to those in the CSUN and San Fernando Valley communities. My interest in crisis work led me to The Trevor Project, where I volunteered at their TrevorChat program, supporting LGBTQ youth across the country through their digital crisis intervention and suicide prevention services. These experiences allowed me to begin to practice patience amid uncertainty. 

After entering graduate school, I continued my focus on serving the LGBTQ+ community. My first training experience was at Being Alive, where I provided individual therapy and crisis sessions to adults living with HIV/AIDS. Concurrently, I was hired as a Shift Supervisor for the TrevorChat program, where I could support volunteers in a position I previously held. This transition reinforced the importance of rapport building as a foundation to building a safe space for open communication and trust.

Recently, I worked for nearly four years at a 24/7 non-profit residential setting, providing trauma-informed therapy, crisis intervention, and sex offender treatment to adolescents in the justice system. I was able to work long-term with the youth and their caregivers to support them in being confident in transitioning back to their communities. Following this experience, I provided individual therapy via telehealth to adults in Los Angeles and neighboring counties. During these times, I learned to value flexibility to meet the client where they are, recognizing that therapy is not one-size-fits-all.

I completed Level 1 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. I have found immense joy in supporting partnerships through life transitions, challenges in communication, and navigating conflict. I have also guided partners through conscious uncoupling that provided dignity and honor to their time together and worked toward separating amicably.

I have “lived experience” with OCD and found value in Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP). I have pivoted toward supporting those affected by OCD through the use of ERP, CBT, ACT, and mindfulness-based models. I am currently participating in regular consultations with a senior provider in the field. I am also a member of the International OCD Foundation (IOCDF).
I have been fortunate to have been exposed to a variety of clinical training experiences throughout my career. From each of them, I continue to implement lessons learned in patience, rapport building, and flexibility to meet the needs of the individual. I look forward to supporting others in feeling seen, heard, and empowered to make changes to live their best life.

A bit more about me

My desire to be a therapist stemmed from my own experience of being a human who sought out guidance toward increasing self-compassion. I have felt the benefits of having a positive therapeutic experience, and I wanted to provide that same safe space for others on their life adventures. Outside of being a therapist, I enjoy reading non-fiction, daily movement, spending time with my wife/family, and shifting towards slow living.

My specialties