Art Therapy

Art Therapy for Teens in Los Angeles

You know your teen needs help, and you also know that they aren’t going to just open up and start talking to a therapist, even if they agree to meet with one. If it’s hard for adults to name and discuss our emotions, it can seem almost impossible for teenagers. That’s where art therapy can help. Art Therapy can be really effective for teenagers, as it gives them a chance to explore their experience and their feelings, including their inner world, in a different way.

Using art therapy, your teen’s therapist will engage your child using art, and will then use the art to help your teenager problem solve, process their feelings, and navigate their experiences. And while the process of art making can be cathartic, the themes and meanings your teen explores in their art responses will help them develop insights and move through challenges.

teen art therapy

Our therapists are skilled at connecting with teens, even teens who don’t “do” therapy. We have worked in hospital, residential, and outpatient settings with teenagers who weren’t coming to therapy voluntarily, and yet we have successfully developed relationships with them and helped them work through difficult challenges and emotions.

teen art therapy

Art therapy has been proven to be an effective modality for adolescents to lower feelings of anxiety and stress, improve self-awareness and self-esteem, strengthen relationships, regulate behaviors, and advance social skills. Teens with challenges ranging from difficulty focusing to recovering from trauma can benefit from accessing their feelings safely through the use of art.

At Take Root Therapy, many of our clinicians are Board Certified and Registered Art Therapists, and they have worked extensively using art therapy to help children and teens feel more secure and capable. Whatever your goals for having your teenager engage in therapy therapy – whether improving communication skills, healing from past traumas, or changing their behavioral patterns – we are committed to helping them.

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