Anna (Alysse) Fuchs

Anna (Alysse) Fuchs

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

What it’s like to be in therapy with me

Often, when we tell a story of our lives, we define and categorize our relationships, identities, and behaviors in singular terms. As a therapist, I seek to collaboratively uncover the nuances of life that inform deeper understanding and self-acceptance. Therapy can offer a space to inquire about the history that brought you here, and to map where you want to go. Often, looking inward is difficult. I aim to be an enthusiastic, attentive, and honest resource for you. I hope our therapeutic relationship can be one of warmth, safety, humor, and trust.

How I approach therapy

I believe a successful therapeutic process balances steadfast support and productive, often gentle, challenge. I strive to be deeply attuned to your long-term goals and your needs as they arise. I view individuals within larger relational and systemic contexts and am unafraid to name what is often unspoken regarding the impacts of social power and oppression. I am committed to providing personalized and culturally sensitive care that honors your lived experiences and perspectives.

I am not a one-size-fits-all therapist, and there is not a single type of therapy that works for every person or every concern. I will always tailor the therapeutic process to you. Here are some of the therapeutic modalities I use most often and examples of how I might use them. Please note – this is not a full or complete list, and I am an evolving therapist!

I have found that mindfulness-based interventions are incredibly useful for addressing anxiety, improving mood regulation, increasing positive daily life experiences, and managing situational stress. When working with anxiety and depression, cognitive and behavioral-based interventions (ie: cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy) can call attention to the relationship between thoughts, behaviors, and mood. For individuals looking to address trauma, I may pull from a variety of approaches, including narrative therapy, mindfulness, and somatic exercises. For those looking to reach specific goals, solution-focused therapy may be effective. While your appointment is not a space for me to process “my stuff,” I bring my whole self to the therapy room. When working with grief particularly, I lean on my personal experiences of parental and partner loss.

It is very important to me that my approach is a good fit for you, and I am so happy to discuss at any point what is working or not working therapeutically.

Educational and Background and Other Things That Could Be Considered Noteworthy

  • B.S. in Sociology and Latin American Studies at Colorado College
  • Master’s in Social Work from Tulane University

Clinical Training and Experience

Prior to becoming a therapist, I worked as a community organizer, union organizer, and director of a Jewish social justice fellowship in New Orleans. I was drawn to becoming a therapist by an intuitive sense of purpose, and I have found deep fulfillment in supporting clients as they navigate the complexities of life. My first job after graduate school was working as an individual and group therapist at a long-term substance abuse rehab in New Orleans. That position was aligned with my passions for community-based mental health, psychoeducational group work, and treating substance abuse from a holistic, trauma-informed standpoint. I am forever impacted by the personal strength required to uproot addiction. I next worked as a mental health counselor for undergraduate and graduate students at Loyola University New Orleans. I loved working with (primarily) young adults who were often addressing therapeutic concerns for the first time. While at Loyola, I had the opportunity to develop a mindfulness skills group for students, which reinforced my belief that mindfulness can be an expansive and inclusive practice.

A bit more about me

I am Jewish, queer, white, cisgender, and I use she/her pronouns. I was raised in Los Angeles and lived in New Orleans for ten years. I find serenity when I’m engaging meaningfully with the natural world. I am passionate about social justice and building community. I am learning to be a more skilled swimmer and to practice failing at things, like throwing bowls on a pottery wheel.

My specialties