Depression Therapy

Therapy for Depression in Los Angeles

Not everyone in Los Angeles is happy and elated about life. Almost fifty thousand people search for depression treatment every month and over one hundred thousand search for postpartum depression. It can be hard to figure out if you are just going through a rough patch, or whether you are truly depressed.

Here is a list that can help you determine if counseling for depression could help you live the life you want to live.

  • Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning?
  • Have you lost interest in things you usually enjoy?
  • Are you experiencing increased fatigue, or lack of restful sleep?
  • Has your appetite increased or decreased?
  • Do you feel helpless, hopeless, or have your thoughts become increasingly occupied with death?
  • Have your emotions become unpredictable or uncontrollable?

You know those days when you are struggling to get out of bed in the morning, and not just because you didn’t get enough sleep? Or when you are driving home and you find yourself crying, again, and you’re not sure why? Are you feeling tired all the time and when you do sleep, it’s not restful? Has your appetite increased or decreased? Do you feel helpless, hopeless, or increasingly occupied with thoughts of death? Have your emotions become unpredictable or uncontrollable?

These are just some of the symptoms of depression. Depression can impact every aspect of your life including your friendships, your parenting, your sex life, and your work.

At Take Root Therapy, we specialize in working with clients that find themselves feeling down and depressed sometimes, or who know that they are depressed and meet the clinical definition of depression.

When you’re feeling depressed, it can often seem like there’s no end in sight, and it can be difficult to imagine getting help for depression or feeling better. At its worst, you might feel like you’re staring into a dark hole, with no hint of light and no way out. Getting help for depression might feel impossible.

However, you don’t have to go through this alone, and you can feel better.

depression therapy

We don’t have a magic cure for depression, and we can’t promise to make it go away and never come back, but getting help for depression can certainly ease symptoms. By getting treatment for depression, you can lean on a support system while you begin to change the way you’re responding to your feelings and circumstances.

Many of our clients report that, through their work with their therapists at Take Root Therapy, they are able to feel more hopeful and to take steps to manage, and even lessen, their depression. They develop different, more helpful coping skills and are more aware of how their thoughts are impacting their feelings. Clients also work with their therapists to make intentional changes in their thought patterns, and find that this can change how they’re feeling too. By seeking therapy for depression, our clients learn how to pay attention to when their feelings of depression show up, when they intensify, and what they can do to take care of and bolster themselves.

At Take Root Therapy, we also work with clients who have postpartum depression, and support individuals who are helping a loved one with depression.

If you’re ready to feel better and you’d like some support, please reach out! Email us at or call (323) 388-5578 or text (323) 388-5578, for your free 20 minute phone consultation for depression counseling in Los Angeles, CA.