Family Dynamics

Teen Family Dynamics

Are you having a really hard time connecting with your teen or is your teen distancing themselves from the family? Has something in your family structure changed recently (divorce, loss of a loved one) and you’re worried about how your teen is adjusting?

No family is perfect, and none of us enter adulthood completely unscathed by our family dynamics, whatever they may be. Our family dynamics from our family of origin inform how we relate to loved ones for life: the way we attach, the way we fight, and the way we maintain our relationships.

Sometimes things happen in a teen’s life, and they feel like talking to someone other than their parents about it. This can be especially true if there has been a change in the family structure or some other disturbance at home that they are trying to make sense of.

family dynamics
family dynamics

When our home life changes or when we lose someone, it is common to experience numbness, sorrow, anger, or even guilt (among many other emotions, including emotions that we may think are inappropriate, such as relief in certain circumstances). This is difficult for anyone, and can be especially difficult for children and teenagers. Grief can also cause physical symptoms for children, like trouble eating or sleeping, or feeling physical pain.

At Take Root Therapy, we work with teens who are processing changes in their family so that they can express their feelings and work through them. We use different techniques when working with teens to help them process in a way that works for them. We will never give your child directions on what to do or what they should be feeling. Instead, we will listen, offer support, and otherwise be in their corner as they experience the full spectrum of their emotions.

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