Art Therapy

Art Therapy in Los Angeles

We all have stories we tell ourselves about our lives and experiences. We know these stories frontwards and backwards, and they have often served us for a long time. When folks come to therapy, sometimes they start off by telling their therapist the same story. They may struggle to go deeper or to make changes, when they can’t see past their own internal narrative.

Art therapy allows you to explore your experience and your feelings, including your inner world, in a different way. Art therapy goes beyond traditional talk therapy and allows you to express and process your feelings and experiences, and gives you the opportunity to look at these things from different angles. If you’re looking for a different perspective, this might be a great way to access it.

In art therapy, your therapist will guide you through different art exercises to help you gain a different perspective on what you might be going through. And while the process of art making can be cathartic, the themes and meanings you and your therapist explore in your art responses will help you develop insights that you can use to make lasting change in your life. In art therapy, the focus is on the process rather than the product, with the goal being finding associations between your inner life and aspects of your artwork.

art therapy
art therapy

Processing feelings, managing behaviors, and reducing stress and anxiety, potentially after a traumatic event, are a few of the reasons an individual might begin art therapy. Having the support of a compassionate professional who can give you real tools and strategies for daily life can create space for deep and lasting change. Often, you and your therapist develop a rapport and discuss a wide range of things: how you might notice yourself reacting to things and how to manage those reactions, communication skills and your interpersonal relationships, and some of your strengths and goals.

At Take Root Therapy, many of our clinicians are Board Certified and Registered Art Therapists, who can explore Art Therapy with you upon request. In our work at our practice, many clients have made Art Therapy a part of their therapeutic journey. Whatever your goals for therapy may be – whether improving communication skills, healing from past traumas, or obtaining a better understanding of your behavioral patterns – we are committed to helping you meet them.

In our carefully curated environment we approach each client with curiosity, and partner with you to develop individualized tools and exercises in order to help you live your most empowered and effective life.

If you’re ready to feel better and you’d like some support, please reach out! Email us at or call (323) 388-5578 or text (323) 388-5578, for your free 20 minute phone consultation for counseling for art therapy in Los Angeles, CA.