Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy In Los Angeles

When we feel overwhelmed, frustrated, anxious, or alone, we struggle and try to figure out what to do to feel better. It can be difficult to sleep at night or to get out of bed in the morning. We replay interactions in our head and don’t know what to do to make tomorrow worthwhile.

When we have tried to access support from friends or family it’s not always helpful. We sometimes feel like we have to pretend to be okay or we worry that we are a burden to our loved ones. Have you tried your old tricks and things aren’t changing? Are you ready to try something different?

Individual therapy provides one on one care in a judgment free environment. You have a chance to unload the stuff that has been weighing you down and to look through the important pieces with someone who is trained and supportive.

individual therapy
individual therapy

Your therapist will help you understand your ever changing relationships and will also help you understand yourself. You can gain clarity into the patterns you have developed, including the ones that are no longer serving you, and therefore make future decisions with intention. Counseling can help you have more compassion for yourself and to feel more secure in the person that you are.

At Take Root Therapy, we want you to have the chance to feel light and hopeful. To know yourself and to be your best self. We know from our years in practice that people sometimes get stuck, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay stuck. Having the right type of support and having someone in your court as you figure this stuff out can allow you to create the change you want in your life.

If you’re ready to have someone in your corner, please reach out. Email us at or call (323) 388-5578 or text (323) 388-5578, for your free 20 minute phone consultation to be connected with a therapist that will be a good fit for you.

FAQs About Individual Therapy in Los Angeles

What is it? What does it entail? Why do it?

Individual Therapy, or individual counseling, is the process of meeting with a trained psychotherapist one on one to address things that are getting in the way of living the life you want. At Take Root Therapy, we meet with our clients on a weekly basis for 50-minute long sessions. During the first session, we ask our clients what brought them in, and provide a safe, supportive space for them to tell us their stories.

During the first few weeks of individual counseling, we are really focused on understanding our clients and helping them understand themselves. We want to know about their relationships and experiences, and how these things have informed the way that they approach their relationships and their worlds now. We work with our clients to develop this framework for understanding who they are and how they got here, and once we have this established, we work with our clients to understand the patterns they have developed.

With the help of their therapist, our clients are able to connect the dots and to better recognize why they have made the choices they have made, and how their experiences have shaped them. Through individual counseling and meeting with a professional one on one, our clients are able to have support while they consider the ways they have coped in the past, and develop more helpful coping skills.

Once our clients have this framework established, they are able to consider what is working for them and what it is they want to change. Given that they are making these decisions based on their newfound understandings, clients are able to consider these changes with compassion and intention. Our therapists then support our clients in creating the changes they want, so that they may approach their lives and be effective and empowered.

What should I expect initially in individual therapy?

The first few weeks of therapy are spent outlining what prompted you to decide it was time to get some help, and to identify the goals you have for therapy. We discuss your current challenges and what has been getting in your way.

What happens as individual therapy progresses?

Once you have outlined some of your current and past challenges, your therapist will then begin to help you connect the dots so you can see your unhelpful patterns, and will provide you with techniques and skills to use while you begin to create the changes you want in your relationships, in your career, and within you. Our clients report feeling more empowered, communicating more effectively in their relationships, knowing which steps they want to take in their careers, and being more intentional about their decisions.

What kind of issues can you work through in Individual Therapy?

Each client has a unique experience and their own individual trials and strengths. We work with individual clients that are struggling with depression and anxiety, and those who want to strengthen their sense of self or are recovering from traumatic experiences. Many of our clients also find that they are better able to navigate their family dynamics. Another topic that we may focus on in individual therapy is one’s sexual identity, or their gender identity.