Gender Identity

Teen Gender Identity

Your teen’s gender identity and gender expression is unique to them. If they are struggling to understand and express their gender, we want to help provide them with the space they need to do this in a way that feels safe and supportive.

Your teen may be experiencing challenges in navigating how they would like their gender to be perceived or understood by their friends and family. Or maybe they would like support as they conceptualize gender in a way that feels most true to them.

At Take Root Therapy, our number one goal is to provide a completely nonjudgmental environment, where your teen can feel safe and free to express themselves. We are not always kind to ourselves when acknowledging, or working to understand, our own gender identity, and the world around us can be even less kind. This can lead to confusion, anger, depression, and/or frustration.

teen gender identity
teen gender identity

The work required for your teen to understand and to learn how to express their gender identity in a way that is authentic to them, especially when it differs from what is in the media or what their family may expect, can be difficult for them and those they rely on for support.

At Take Root Therapy, we create the space for our clients to explore their gender identity. We will also work with your teen to craft an approach to engage their friends, family, and the rest of the world in a manner that is authentic to them. Moreover, we will support them as they begin living more authentically and as they navigate their changing relationships.

If you’re ready to help your teen explore their gender identity or learn how to authentically navigate the world with their unique identity, please reach out. Call (323) 388-5578 or text (323) 388-5578 or email us at for your free 20-minute phone consultation to see if Take Root Therapy can help!