Expectations of the Relationship

Help Redefining Your Relationship in Los Angeles

For most of us, the way we understand and experience romantic relationships has changed just as society has changed. Years ago, most couples would meet in college (or high school); they would eventually marry, and by default, commit themselves to one another exclusively. This was the standard we used for relationships; and although we embraced it without question, it didn’t work for everyone.

If you and your partner find that traditional relationship roles and expectations aren’t working for you, we would be glad to help you re-conceptualize what your relationship could look like. There is no rulebook when it comes to relationships, which can be both liberating and overwhelming. We may have an idea of the type of relationship we want, but for some it can be difficult to name this to yourself or to share it with your partner if you are battling with messages from your family, culture, or religion that aren’t aligned with what you want.

changing the definition
changing the definition

While it would be more simple in theory to still have a one-size-fits-all approach to romantic relationships, the reality – being able to create a relationship that works for you and your partner – can be much more exciting and freeing.

At Take Root Therapy, we understand that each relationship is as unique as the individuals experiencing it. Our only goal is to help you identify what your ideal relationship looks like: after working with you to name what you want, we help you navigate the process of making it a reality. We work with individuals and couples in all types of relationships, including open and polyamorous relationships, to identify their needs and wants and how to effectively communicate with their partner(s). If you’re ready to have the relationship(s) you’ve always dreamed of but never knew how to actually have, please reach out.

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