Take Root Therapy February Newsletter

We review the various attachment styles and consider how they may impact our relationships, honor Black History Month, and show up for the trans community.

A Letter From Our Founder


Hi all,

There’s a lot on my mind as I write this letter. I want to wish you a happy belated Valentine’s Day, and remind you to take care of yourself today with love and kindness. I want to name that it is also Black History Month. I have been thinking about how much more I am exposing myself and my family to Black history, with intention, and how this is just a piece of our anti-racism work. If you are wanting to learn more about Black history, to get educated and mobilized, a resource I have learned a lot from is the anti-racism daily. And today, I am wanting to show up for trans teens across the country. Having just learned about Texas directing Family and Protective Services to investigate all trans children in the state, I am disheartened, concerned, and angry. So I will spend some time soothing myself and trying to find ways to take action. If you feel similarly, I hope you join me. Ways to help are listed below.

I have also been noting the ups and downs in my own mental health. I find that some days are easier, as the pandemic has seemingly eased up and I am feeling ready to take more risks. I recently booked my first flight in over two years and also went to the theatre for the first time. This is simultaneously exciting and scary. What has prompted these choices is my commitment to my relationships. The flight I am taking is to see a dear friend that lives too far away, and the theatre performance was an activity that helped me and my older child connect and enjoy our time together. Our blog article this month is about relationships and attachment styles. It’s information heavy, but I hope that it’s also useful. If you are needing help in your relationships or needing emotional support as the world around us continues to go through its ups and downs, please reach out. As always, we are here.

Saba Harouni Lurie

On The Blog

Why Does This Keep Happening to Me?: How Our Attachment Styles Can Impact Our Relationships

By now, information about attachment is everywhere. There are quizzes you can take on countless websites to identify your attachment style. But for some, attachment is still a mystery…

How to Help

Help Reopen the National Black Doll Museum

For years, the National Black Doll Museum has used educational workshops to teach young people about aspects of Black history they were missing at school. The Museum is not simply a collection of artefacts – it is a critical civil rights project devoted to anti-racist education and the preservation of the stories of Black struggle. It was forced to close in 2020 during the height of the pandemic but with your help, this vital institution can once again reopen to the public.

Click here to learn more about how you can contribute to save this integral piece of Black history and culture.

Help Fight Against Anti-Trans Policies in Texas

If you’ve been following the news lately you’ll have heard that Texas has just launched another assault against the rights of trans youth in the state. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has just issued a new opinion stating that the practice of gender affirming and life saving healthcare for trans children is akin to child abuse and Gov. Greg Abbott has just officially directed the Family and Protective Services in the state to begin investigating trans children and prosecuting their parents as child abusers. Additionally, he has called upon anyone with a duty of care to youth in the state to begin reporting any trans children they see. This is an egregious and hateful abuse of power that has left many trans Texans and their families even more afraid for their safety. The fight is far from over, however, and there is plenty we can do to help, even from California.

Equality Texas is the largest trans rights advocacy organization in the state and they’re doing amazing work in Texas and across the country to increase trans visibility and LGBTQIA+ education. They could use your help, from donations to phone banking to data entry, anything you could do to contribute could make a world of difference in this fight to ensure the rights of trans people everywhere.

You can also take up this call to action making your voice heard. Contact Gov. Greg Abbott’s office here. Write to major Texas companies Dell, AT&T, and American Airlines. Post about this on your social media. Talk about this with your friends and families. Don’t allow this to stand, not in Texas or anywhere else.

Community Events

Prosperity Market @ CAAM

Help support Black farmers, chefs, and entrepreneurs at the Prosperity Market pop-up at CAAM! There will be a DJ, cooking demonstrations, raffles, a kids corner and more to go along with all of your farmer’s market go-to’s like wonderful prepared foods, unique handcrafted artisan goods and of course, plentiful fresh fruits and veg!

Sat, February 26, 2022
11:00 AM – 3:30 PM PST

California African American Museum
600 State Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90037

In-Person Culver City Tai Chi for Beginners

Join Angie Sierra for this beginner’s Tai Chi class at Dr. Paul Carlson Memorial Park. The ancient practice of Tai Chi is said to help alleviate depression and anxiety, promote inner peace and improve mental clarity, all of which have been much needed throughout the course of the pandemic.


Every Sunday at 9:45am

Dr. Paul Carlson Memorial Park
10496 Park Ave, Culver City, CA 90232
Culver City

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