Take Root Therapy January Newsletter

Hi folks,

If you’re anything like me, you spent the last days of 2020 daydreaming about how 2021 would be different: turning a corner in the fight against COVID-19, enjoying a more peaceful chapter of American history after a difficult election season, and opportunities to return to a semblance of what we know to be normal life in Los Angeles. While many of those things are still on the way, the advent of 2021 didn’t pull a magical lever that made life easier. The events of January 6th underscore that point.

Being able to laugh at myself helps. Logically, of course I know that the clock striking midnight doesn’t change things. But emotionally, I still found myself feeling disappointed that we’re still where we are.

This process got me thinking about the nature of change, and how we often mismanage our own expectations of life, and ourselves, when it comes to making progress. Progress is not a switch. Often, we have to visualize where we want to go in order to keep moving, however, that doesn’t mean that we’ll get there immediately. We can get tripped up by our own harsh inner critic or let perfectionism stop us from getting started.

This month on the blog, we’re talking about working towards your goals while challenging perfectionism: in other words, progress over perfection. What’s true for us as individuals is also true for the whole. Progress can take time.

Warm regards,
Saba Harouni Lurie

On The Blog

Am I Codependent If I Enjoy Having My Needs Met & Meeting The Needs of Others?

Am I Codependent If I Enjoy Having My Needs Met & Meeting The Needs of Others?: Interdependence 101

“What is a healthy relationship, when it comes to needing and being needed? Collectively, we seem to not know the answer. The Internet is filled with relationship quizzes promising to answer the question, “Am I codependent?” and also snappy lists that claim they can diagnose us or our partners as the opposite. We may receive so many messages about being emotionally needy, or not needy enough, that we begin to consider therapy for codependency or relationship issues, or wonder if we are “too much” or “not enough” for our loved ones…”

Community Events

Teen Book Bites: Black Lives Matter

Join Los Angeles librarians as they discuss books for teens about the Black Lives Matter movement!

Monday, February 22nd, 3PM

Afro-Joy Dance Party with Tatiana Zamir

A free follow-along dance party for all bodies and levels of experience to embody joy, healing and connect with community, inspired by Afro-diasporic music and movement.

Thursday, February 18th, 6:30PM
Free with RSVP

What to Watch