Take Root Therapy March Newsletter

We understand bullying, hike to end homelessness, and learn how to be vulnerable in relationships (even when it’s hard).

A Letter From Our Founder


Hi folks,

I hope your weekend is off to a restful start. I hope you’ve been caring for yourselves and each other. Recently, I’ve started to observe small signs of spring everywhere, and I am so grateful for them. Perhaps you’ve been enjoying them too.

Given the heaviness of the last few months, I have made it a point to stay off social media. I was never a frequent social media user, but a few months ago, I found myself getting sucked in and feeling more alone and hopeless whenever I was on social media. In researching our blog article on bullying this month, one of the findings that struck me most was the impact of bullying on bystanders. It turns out that witnessing bullying can be just as detrimental as experiencing it, which makes sense and helps me understand my own response to social media.

So much of what I read on bullying was discouraging and disturbing, but some things gave me hope. Bystanders have tremendous power to interrupt bullying and create change. And while bullying is ubiquitous, we continue to learn more about it, and have made gains in combating it.

If you or a loved one is being bullied, I hope our article can illuminate the experience and offer some additional helpful information. And if you know that you need support with this or with anything else, I hope you reach out. Our email address is info@takeroottherapy.com, and you can reach us by phone or text at (323) 388-5578.

Saba Harouni Lurie (she/her/hers)

On The Blog

Why Am I Being Singled Out?: Understanding Bullying and Its Impact on Mental Health

Bullying can take many forms, and these days, it seems to be even more ubiquitous. I am fortunate that I haven’t experienced too many instances of peer bullying myself. As a child, I was mainly able to blend in, and as a teen, I chose to lean into and really embrace being different. I was usually kind to others; they were generally kind to me. I recall one of the “mean girls” I went to middle school with, however, who took a different approach to me…

How to Help

Lake Hollywood Trail Cleanup Hike

Preserve, Connect, Explore.

Join us for a fun and impactful hike in Griffith Park, where you’ll connect with like-minded Angelenos as together we pick up litter and restore the natural beauty of our local green space. This event is a perfect opportunity to join a community of climate conscious people who care about our city, the earth, and one another.

Saturday April 16th, 2024
12:00PM – 1:30 PM

Lake Hollywood Northgate
2900 Lake Hollywood Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90068

Community Events

Women and Climate Los Angeles Dinner: Food For Thought

Join us for a unique vegan meal experience and chat about how food impacts the climate. Besties Vegan Paradise is the first and only vegan market in the U.S. to sell products exclusively from 100% vegan brands.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to talk climate with folks identifying as women, you are in the right place! No climate experience necessary.

These gatherings are a fun way to make new friends and chat about all topics with the backdrop of climate. See a summary of past events here.

Tuesday, March 26th
7:00PM – 9:00PM

BESTIES Vegan Paradise
4882 Fountain Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029

The 2024 Hike to End Homelessness

The Center in Hollywood is a nonprofit ending isolation and breaking the cycle of homelessness through radical hospitality in Hollywood and throughout LA County. It is an inclusive space for anyone experiencing homelessness to feel welcome, feel safe, and receive services. This annual fundraiser is crucial to the success of The Center’s staff and clients, since funds raised from hike sponsorships and donations go 100% to support the privately funded programs like our Day Center Wellness program and our on-site health clinic.

Register for the hike here!
Registration includes coffee by our friends at Obet & Del’s & a gourmet brunch after the hike!

Sunday, April 28th
7:00AM – 1:00PM

Griffith Park — Boy Scout Trail
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Plant-Based Pop Up at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market

Join us on Sundays from Jan-March for our Plant-Based Pop Up at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market featuring up various vegan vendors. (The plant-based pop up will occur every Sunday on the Cosmo Street section of the farmers market from January-March, 8AM-1PM at 1600 Ivar Ave, rain or shine!)

Sunday, March 31st
8:00AM – 1:00PM

Hollywood Farmers’ Market
1600 Ivar Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90028

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