Take Root Therapy May Newsletter

We discuss the pervasive effects of intergenerational trauma, celebrate AAPI Heritage month and practice self care through movement.

A Letter From Our Founder


Hi all,

This month’s newsletter is coming to you later than planned, and I trust you will understand why. As a country, we have experienced tragedy after tragedy. It’s a lot to hold, and I will be vulnerable and share that I have been struggling. Sleep isn’t coming easy, and I am having difficulty being away from my children. When I am with them, I am sometimes irritable, and other times I’m tearful. I have also compartmentalized masterfully, allowing me to do my work (which I am grateful for) and enjoy time with friends and family. But when the distractions stop and I am left to sit with my thoughts and feelings… that hasn’t been easy.

Simultaneously I have been working on our blog article on Intergenerational Trauma. The topic is also heavy, which has prompted my avoidance. But it’s important. And it’s so relevant today.

Our country is holding so much intergenerational trauma. It is compounding daily. It’s hard to imagine what healing could look like on a national level, given all the work we will have to do, but I am trying to stay hopeful. Staying hopeful also means doing the work myself and trying to help others do the same.

Please know that you’re not alone if you are struggling right now. Be gentle with yourself and with those around you if you can. We would be honored to offer you support too. We don’t have answers, but we will sit with you and try to find hope together. Our email address is info@takeroottherapy and we can be reached by phone or text at (323) 388-5578.

Saba Harouni Lurie

On The Blog

What is Intergenerational Trauma?: Understanding the Impacts of Intergenerational Trauma on Mental Health

A few weeks ago, my mother accompanied my children and me on an errand. We were in a familiar store, and my 6-year-old went up the escalator ahead of us and then walked off. My mother started to panic and stormed up the escalator, muttering that someone would take off with my daughter. At that moment, I, too, had felt unnerved but was trying to self soothe and remind myself that I knew exactly where my daughter was beelining, that we would be reunited in moments. Looking at my mother and seeing the external expression of the anxiety I was experiencing internally made something click…

How to Help

May is Asian American and Pacific Island Heritage Month

Due to influence from the prior presidential administration and misinformation and ignorance regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a horrific uptick in incidents of anti-Asian hate in this country over the past several years. Many Asian Americans and immigrants were subjected to increased instances of harassment and abuse and in some tragic cases, they even lost their lives due to the anger and fear that was directed toward their communities.

Upon closer inspection of this nation’s history, however, it becomes clear that these cases were just the latest in a long line of injustices faced by AAPI communities as they worked to create prosperous lives and safe environments in which to raise their families.

This AAPI Heritage Month, we’d like to further educate ourselves about that history so we can be better allies and activists for the rights of our fellow citizens. We’d also like to uplift and celebrate these communities who, in spite of the generations of hardship they’ve faced, are vibrant and filled with rich culture and heritage.If you’re looking for ways to do the same, start by checking out this special series from NPR for AAPI Heritage Month. It contains a wide variety of pieces and reporting about some of the wonderful contributions AAPI people have made in US and details how they’ve had an indelible impact on the fabric of our nation.

Community Events

Self-Care Saturdays: Free Open Movement Practice

Take time out to nourish your body and mind at MashUp’s new monthly Self-Care Saturday events, a community collaboration with Zen Wellness LA!

Morning Movement Class is pay-what-you-choose and open to all. Advance Registration Preferred (so they know how much coffee/tea and munchies to supply!)



Sat, June 11, 2022
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM


Frogtown Creative Studios
2926 Gilroy Street
Los Angeles, CA 90039

The Great LA River CleanUp: Glendale Narrows Riverwalk

The River needs YOU! This summer, join FoLAR in the Glendale Narrows to collect trash and prevent waste from polluting our watershed and urban waterways. Together, we’ll make a collective impact and do our part to tend to the vibrant urban ecosystems that thrive throughout Los Angeles.


Sat, June 25, 2022
9:00 AM – 11:00 AM


Glendale Narrows Riverwalk
300 Paula Ave
Glendale, CA 91201

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