Self Esteem

Therapy for Children with Low Self-Esteem in Los Angeles

Does your child avoid potential social encounters or the chance to meet someone new, because they don’t think other kids will like them? Are they reluctant to do their homework because they think they are going to do it wrong? If your answer is yes, you’re probably not surprised to learn that your child might have low-self esteem. Low self esteem can make it hard for children to stand up for themselves or can make them feel shame or guilt with no obvious cause. It can also make it hard to express personal boundaries in relationship to other children. You may wonder how to help your child build their self esteem or improve their self-confidence, but you don’t know where to start.

Improving self-esteem and building self confidence is often a process that takes time. For children, this process can be complicated, as they may not have the language to describe their internal experiences and they may not know what they want to change.

self esteem
self esteem

At Take Root Therapy, we work with children to help them externalize the inner voice that they hear that tells them they’re not good enough. We do this using various techniques that make it easy for children to express themselves, including through art and play. Then, with the support of a therapist, your child will work to feel more empowered and to improve their sense of self. Our goal is to help your child feel more confident about themselves socially, academically, and physically. Their growth will be visible when you see your child take that chance and invite a classmate over for a play date, or sit down and tackle their history project without tears and fear.

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