Take Root Therapy August Newsletter

Learning to avoid toxic positivity and to honor our feelings instead.  Hi folks, As the summer inches to an end, we continue to contend with the devastation of the past 18 months. The climate crisis, the fall of Afghanistan, and the ceaseless pandemic touches the lives of everyone. I hold this with you, while I simultaneously prepare my older daughter for her first day of…
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Take Root Therapy February Newsletter

Honoring Black History, celebrating interdependence, and doing the work… Hi all, Whatever changes (or lack of changes!) the past month has brought you, I hope you are being kind to yourself and prioritizing self-compassion. Collectively, we are honoring Black History Month by spotlighting Black joy. Often, when we talk about Black history, we inadvertently stress the trauma of Black history rather than the hopeful future…
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Take Root Therapy January Newsletter

Hi folks, If you’re anything like me, you spent the last days of 2020 daydreaming about how 2021 would be different: turning a corner in the fight against COVID-19, enjoying a more peaceful chapter of American history after a difficult election season, and opportunities to return to a semblance of what we know to be normal life in Los Angeles. While many of those things…
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