Should I Start a Diet?: Rethinking Your Relationship with Your Body

While it may not have been the first time I was critical of my body, the first time I remember being critical of my body, or of objectifying my own body, is when I was 8-years-old. I was watching something on TV and it was definitely not a show for children. On the show, the it-girl started talking about her weight loss, going as far…
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Why Am I So Tired?: A Case for Rest

When I ask the people in my life how they’re feeling, one of the most common responses I receive is, “Tired.” And I can’t tell you how often I will set my sights on having an early night, only to find myself sitting in front of my laptop and television (simultaneously) way past my bedtime.  In our busy and hectic day-to-day lives, it has become…
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But What If It All Goes Right?: The Power of Imagination

When was the last time you thought about your imagination? If you’re anything like me, it may have been while playing pretend with your kids, or maybe laughing at the wild things they come up with while in imaginative play. The importance of imagination on a child’s development cannot be overemphasized. Children seem to have to play – it’s not a conscious decision they make,…
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Celebrating Our Wins

Ending the Year with Confetti: Celebrating Our Wins

I like to plan things and solve problems. These are great for a resume, but sometimes these attributes are surprisingly unhelpful. For example: recently, our team at Take Root Therapy put together holiday care packages for homeless folks in our neighborhood. Though the process of gathering supplies for care packages should be relatively simple, it became complicated in my mind very quickly. I didn’t want…
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Pride, Pride Everywhere

At the start of June, I began looking for a quote or an image that we could use to celebrate Pride on Take Root Therapy’s Instagram account. I wanted to find something meaningful and something that would speak to the many components of Pride, including intersectionality in the LGBTQIA+ community. I had a hard time finding something that was just right, but I realized that…
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Stop Shoulding on Yourself: Living Free from Self-Judgment

“I should really call my friend back.” “I should start doing yoga.” “I should want to spend time with my family.” “They should know why I’m mad at them.” “I shouldn’t feel this upset.” Does any of that sound familiar? If it does, what feeling comes up for you when you read those sentences or have similar thoughts? When we use the word ‘should,’ it…
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Training Wheels for Unconditional Self-Love

“I want to get over this relationship,” “I want to feel more confident,” “I want to make a change in my career.” Folks start up therapy for a number of different reasons, including feeling depressed or anxious, and often one of the things that they need help addressing is their sense of self, their self-image, or their inner voice. In our work with our clients,…
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No, You’re Weird: What if We Embrace Our Weirdness? An Exploration on Being Different

Feel weird? Out of place? Different? Well, you’re not alone. So many of us feel like we don’t belong, or like we’re outsiders looking in on a world where others seamlessly fit in. Does this sound familiar? Perhaps you’re at an event or a party and you look around and think, “I don’t belong here.” Or you’re meeting a group of people for the first…
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